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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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members and said those people. he said black people. we don't take credit cards from black people. at that point it was like someone hit me. i was so stunned that in my hometown in san francisco in 2012 that there are words like this coming out of someone's mouth. >> reporter: this afternoon, perkins filed a formal complaint with the human rights commission. executive director says the commission will look into the allegations. >> it doesn't matter if it's a rock and roll hall of famer or if he just picked up a guitar last week. all people have the same rights to live without discrimination. >> reporter: travelodge is a franchise and the local owner hasn't responded to our requests for comment. >> we haven't heard back from your manager. >> reporter: the windham hotel group says, we are acknowledging the allegations made by the guest. we are currently looking into the matter with the hotel and will take appropriate action.
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♪ [ music ] the band switched hotels. the man who grew up in the segregated south said he didn't hear the remark about "those people" but he says he recognizes discrimination. [ inaudible ] >> permanent indelible scar on your brain, you know? and for that to happen in 2012 is made me think about it. this has to stop. >> reporter: the human rights commission is looking over the complaint. if they begin an official investigation and find violations, the hotel do end up on a list of businesses not in good standing with san francisco. the hotel says they believe in diversity and have a national reputation as such but for this local franchise owner they need to have a talk with them.
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>> thank you. the governor's tax hike proposal is slipping in the polls. now an enormous amount of money is flooding in from out of state that could sing sink prop 30. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee reports. >> reporter: this fight centers around a mysterious $11 million donation that came from arizona last week. it was given to defeat prop 30. he is not happy about it and he vows to find out who is behind the money. >> they may be from anywhere. i don't know where these people are from because they're hiding. they're wearing masks. people like to run around in hoods because they don't want people to see who the hell they are. the state of california is going to court to unmask these people. >> reporter: strong words from
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the governor today at the naacp convention. though he later clarified that he didn't necessarily mean to refer to the ku klux klan. >> no. what it is, is, that when people do things, sometimes they don't want to be exposed for what they are doing and this arizona organization says they are in business for transparency and they are not willing to come clean in california. i think they ought to unmask themselves. >> reporter: the governor is campaigning nonstop for prop 30 which would raise sales tax .25% and state income tax on the rich. it's now in the hands of the court. the fair political practices commission filed a lawsuit demanding an audit of the arizona donor group americans for responsible leadership. it says in part, quote, respondent's conduct will cause great and irreparable harm to
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the voters of california by potentially denying them vital information regarding the true source of large sums money n answer to that lawsuit, the arizona nonprofit says, quote, this motion is the result of intense political pressure to have them do something and keep the campaign issue alive. with ads clogging the airwaves, it's a reminder there isn't much time left what would that accomplish to find out who they are? >> i think there may be something funny going on here. there are a lot of people giving money. why didn't they put their name on it? there is an angle we don't know about. >> reporter: so this could all come to a conclusion soon. a court hearing is scheduled tuesday morning so there is a possibility that the mystery could be all figured out and we
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find out who is the behind the $11 million. a police sergeant calls it the most callous crime he ever saw. today two teens were accused of brutally murdering a woman in her castro valley home then setting her house on fire. cbs reporter da lin on how the suspects staked out the house for hours. da. >> reporter: liz, prosecutors say this was such a gruesome crime that they charged a 16- year-old in the case as an adult. he appeared in superior court here in hayward this afternoon the both he and the 18-year-old suspect will be charged with murder and arson. they are only releasing the mugshot of that 18-year-old suspect right now. >> this is what nightmares are made of, of what these two i'll use the term loosely people did. >> reporter: detectives
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described the two teens as evil and their crimes despicable. they say the suspect killed the woman at home, went to lunch, hung out with friends, came back at night to set the body on fire to cover up their tracks. alameda county sheriff's investigators say 18-year-old cody nicosia and 16-year-old christian birdsall killed barbara latiolais last wednesday over money. investigators say the 16-year- old is a distant relatives of the victim's long-time boyfriend a retired san francisco firefighter. they say the two teens planned the attack knowing the victim was home alone and her boyfriend was out of town. deputies birdsall offered the woman to do yardwork since they knew each other. once inside the house the suspects came behind the victim and choked her until she passed out. >> miss latiolais started making noises. she was not dead at that point. and the two of them took a rope and together they strangled her to death. >> reporter: detectives say the
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teens robbed her of jewelry, money and guns. they say the pair admitted to killing the woman when a parent confronted the teens. >> was asking them, what's going on, what are you doing? if you did anything you need to come clean. the kid told the father, we killed someone. >> reporter: the two teens will return to court monday morning and get an attorney. live in hayward, i'm da lin, cbs 5. >> thank you. other bay area headlines, three east bay men are charged with the murder of a san francisco couple. sheriff's detectives from contra costa county arrested them in concord this week. they are suspected of shooting and killing two people. police found their bodies on the ground outside a car in pittsburg last week. the motive for the murder is unclear. a driver nearly ended up inside the safeway senator san francisco's marina district today. his jaguar jumped a parking bumper and slammed into the line of shopping carts outside. the car stopped as you see just
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short of store's front windows. the driver was not badly hurt nor was anyone else. the san mateo bridge will stay open this weekend. caltrans canceled the planned closure because crews made more progress than expected during last week's shutdown. crews will close lanes occasionally to finish the project. the united states could soon become the world's top producer of oil. one of the main reasons is the new development in a technique called hydraulic fracturing or fracking. while some landowners are seeing dollar signs, others fear the worst. [ cows mooing ] >> reporter: cattle land is oil land. the rancher likes it that way. >> it's been very good in the last couple of years. >> reporter: under the fields where her cows graze, there's lots of oil. it's a constant source of revenue that helps keep the ranch going. >> i have heard people say, because you're with an oilfield out here, it's scorched earth. well, this is anything but
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scorched earth. you saw the cows and everybody is kumbaya, right? >> reporter: oil wells are nothing new to ranchers here because this valley is home to an oilfield where companies like chevron having drilling for more than 60 years. but new technology would allow that drilling to expand to places where the oil lies much deeper. 14billion barrels of oil reserves could now finally be accessible in the hills and valleys beyond san ard doe in an area known as the monterey shale. >> these are source rocks for oil and gas. >> reporter: this physicist says shale oil is harder to harvest. you need go down and out horizontally in a technique called fracking. >> now we have technology, enabling technologies, that allow these reservoirs to be produced economically. >> reporter: with oil at almost $90 a barrel, he predicts things are about to change. fast. >> there's just a lot more activity and a lot of that
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activity is in places where there hasn't been much for a long period of time. >> reporter: in monterey county oil prospectors are knock on the doors of landowners trying to buy up leases. >> now all of a sudden, the people that drilled for oil are more interested in going out and getting these mineral rights for property owners. >> reporter: the assessor says oil companies have to record the transfer with the county. >> we are starting to see more of those recently. >> reporter: but since oil leases aren't taxed until the well produces, the county doesn't keep track of them. the oil companies also won't reveal how much they pay the landowners. the deeds all just read, one dollar. >> we don't know. it's not made public. >> reporter: it's the secrecy that bothers vineyard owners the most. >> we feel that the oil companies aren't necessarily as forthcoming as we believe they need to. >> reporter: especially about the potential impacts of
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fracking. >> our biggest concern is quality and quantity of water. >> reporter: because it takes at least one million gallons of water to frack a single well. >> we're looking at reducing the water table to the point where we can't irrigate. >> reporter: the industry says the water gets recycled and there's never been a case of ground water contamination from fracking in california. but the woman who sells her wine all over the country remains unconvinced. >> some of these people are going to have tasting rooms. and having an oil derrick behind your vineyard is not sending the message you want to send. >> look at that coming in. that looks promising. >> reporter: this rancher disagrees. >> maybe they tasted wine, didn't like it. don't blame it on the oil. come on. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she has a word of advice for landowners who hope to strike it rich. >> i would be very careful. you can't just lease it to the first guy that knocks on the door. >> she won't disclose how much
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she earns from her oil leases. just like the size of the cattle heard, it's something ranchers don't talk about it. she owns the oil under her land. some don't. they wouldn't get royalties and they don't have a choice whether an oil rig goes up on their property or not. we'll have that story hat 11. a nanny suspected of killing two babies in her care. the bay area tie to the tragedy in new york. >> i'm ken bastida in fremont in mobile 5. a major milestone in building a new bart station. we'll show you the tunnel that's just been completed. >> and happy friday to you. meteorologist paul deanno. could it get any better than this perfect weather that we had outside today? guess what. the answer is yes. find out how beautiful our weekend is going to be and find out when that rain is going to come back. it's all in your forecast coming up. ,,
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york, used to live in san
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francisco. there's a makeshift memorian front of the manhattan apart mother found her the father of two young children killed by their nanny in new york, apparently, used to live in san francisco. there is a makeshift memorial in front of the manhattan apartment where the mother found the 2-year-old son and 6- year-old daughter stabbed to death in the bathroom. on the bathroom floor was the nanny covered in blood. police believe she killed the children and then stabbed herself. >> unbelievable. just unbelievable. i can't imagine what the mother is feeling. >> screams were heard by a neighbor who alerted police and who arrived and found the children dead. >> the nanny is in the hospital in critical condition. the motive for the murders is unclear. new york police notified the children's father as he arrived at the airport from a business trip in san francisco. kevin krim used to live in noe valley when he worked at yahoo
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a few years ago. today we learned more about operation impact, the joint effort to curb violence in oakland. starting in a week and a half, christmas tree lighting healthcare officers will help boost -- chp officers will help boost patrols and work out traffic control. they are still working out the number of officers and who will pay for. >> the men and women of my police department do an amazing job under difficult circumstances. >> a similar deployment is planned for stockton. bart is celebrating a construction milestone. ken bastida shows us more. >> reporter: to build the new station, this is warm springs, this will be the end of the line in 2015, they had to build that tunnel called the central park subway. that subway goes underneath the park itself central park and
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fremont and also goes underneath lake elizabeth. they had to drain the lake pull the fish out to build this. today they announced the completion of the tunneling. some mucky mucks from bart went down there and some state people including carl guardino from the california transportation commission. >> we are here to celebrate an amazing day of the extension and then we go another 16.1 miles to make sure that bart not only comes to southern fremont but to berryessa, downtown san jose, and on to santa clara where we link for cal-train commuter rail so after a 60 year wait, a wait that was worth it, but after a 60 year wait we'll finally have rapid rail around the entire bay. >> about $137 million to build the tunnel under the park there. as i say it's finished. and by 2015, there will be a new station here the warm
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springs south fremont station all you can see now are the rails. that's about it. some of the grading work that they have done here. but then it's on to berryessa and downtown san jose in the not too distant future. live in fremont, ken bastida, cbs 5. back to you. >> thank you. paul, it's a great weekend for the bay area or great week for the bay area, big wins by the giants and, of course, topped it off with great weather here today. >> we are finishing it up with the driest mildest day of the week and the winning streak continues into the weekend. wouldn't it be nice if the giants continued the winning streak? they took off for detroit which has a different climate than us. hopefully they will come back -- on the ground in detroit, cold front comes through tomorrow. first pitch temperature 43 degrees, likely in the 30s about the fourth or 5th inning tomorrow. >> here's a beautiful view outside. california at its finallest
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late october and we were in the 70s today. current temperatures outside as we wrap up friday. livermore 71. oakland still 72. and san jose 64 degrees. radar is clear. we'll stay clear for a while. high pressure hanging out to the north and west. that's a great spot because winds by rule of nature always flow clockwise by high pressure. we'll follow the clock around and get a northwest flow of air. that's about as perfect as it gets. if you like rainfall maybe you will like next week when low pressure moves n timing isn't great. tens of thousands of kids want to knock on your door for candy on halloween. that's when the rain is about to scheduled to arrive. for tomorrow saturday starting off the weekend beautifully even downtown san francisco 70 degrees. 78 for concord and livermore. san jose 75. and pacifica 66 degrees. mainly sunny skies both weekend days. low 80s inland sunday.
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showers return for halloween and thursday. that is your cbs 5 forecast. coming up, in tonight's consumerwatch, why california couches will soon come with warning labels. >> governor, can i talk to you for a minute please? why won't you look at any of the tape we have on caltrans? >> why won't you show it to us? >> this guy is a thug. >> state workers going shopping on your dime. the investigation that led to this confrontation with the governor. ,,,,
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come with a warning label. as cbs 5 consumerwatch repor julie watts explains: a controversial flame retardas now on the state's list of cancer- causing chemicals. in two days your couch will come with a warning label. >> cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains a controversial name retar can't is on the list of the cancer- causing chemicals on the state
6:23 pm
list. >> reporter: we're used to seeing them on cigarettes and alcohol and even lead paint. but hot off the presses, prop 65 warning labels are coming to a furniture store near you. dow any idea what chemicals are in this chair? >> no and neither do the people who sell it to you. >> reporter: he says that's the problem. the state of california has added one chemical flame retardant to its list of cancer- causing chemicals but no one seems to know which chemicals are in which sofas. so they're all getting a prop 65 warning label. if your couch was purchased in california it likely contains pounds of chemical flame retardants. this scientist explains the 40- year-old requiremen of tb117 applies to the foam inside the furniture so it's doused with chemicals. he demonstrates in an actual fire it's the fabric that catches first and once it is ignited, he says the chemicals
6:24 pm
have little effect except to produce toxic smoke and carbon monoxide. because the flame retardants migrate and settle in dust studies have found high levels of the toxic chemical in toddlers, breast milk and babies. >> we know that it lowers iq that it does slow brain development. >> reporter: mark leno is relieved there's been a change. >> if my customers are concerned i'm concerned. >> the revision to the flammability standard is expected by next summer and would increase fire safety without chemical name retardants. in the meantime all couches sold in california must adhere to the old standard which means most will come with chemically treated foam and a prop 65 warning label. remember, if you have a consumer question call us at 1- 888-5-helps-u. >> thank you.
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coming up, bay area kids smoking pot right by schools, a tactic by teens so they can't be arrested. >> the city seeing the biggest boom in new homes in the bay area. >> caltrans employees driving home even running errands on your dime. >> you left your 12 bottles of wine. >> how they made a detour around the governor's order it cut costs. we follow the money coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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billions of dollars in debtt it appears some caltrans employees are making an endn now at 6:30, california is billions of dollars in debt but it appears some caltrans employees are making an end run around the governor's order to cut costs. they were caught on camera buying wine shopping at nordstrom's all on the clock. our sister station in los angeles follows the money. >> i can show it to you right can i show it to you right now? >> reporter: the governor didn't want to look at our video. we caught this caltrans employee buying a case of wine, this one shopping for shoes, this one buying food. all driving away in these $30,000 pickup trucks rented by
6:29 pm
caltrans with your money. you're on state time. you just bought a case of wine. >> no comment. >> that's a rental right there. >> reporter: we found employees using dozens of these new pickup trucks. >> ford f-150. >> reporter: rented by caltrans. even though the agency had been ordered by the governor to reduce its fleet to save money. caltrans has put the for sale sign on more than 1300 vehicles since the governor's directive. but according to documents the agency is renting as many as 200 vehicles a month. we discovered monthly bills of 30, 40, $50,000, some more than $100,000, we found in just the first nine months of this year. that cost taxpayers three- quarters of a million dollars. the agency claims the trucks are needed to conduct state business and can only be used for that purpose. >> daddy's getting home. >> reporter: we watched some caltrans employees using the rental trucks like their own cars. >> getting out now.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: take sumner baker a supervisor. he makes more than $100,000 a year. >> he is backing out. >> reporter: we watched him take this rented truck at the caltrans yard and drive it home and back to work day after day. >> 10:50 in the morning. >> reporter: on some days like this one he would leave the office a few hours after he got there. >> going to the liquor store. >> reporter: and stop at this liquor store not just once -- >> he is getting in the car. >> reporter: -- but again and again. the clerk even knew what he wanted. >> one or two? >> two. >> reporter: he would get two small bottles of liquor sometimes suffering them in his pocket. >> $10.41. came out of kohl's. >> reporter: we would also see baker using the truck to go shopping at kohl's, home depot, costco, even buying a case of wine at von's on two occasions, all the time using the rented truck and gas paid for by taxpayers. mr. baker, david goldstein with cbs 2 news. >> reporter: we tried to find out how he got away with it.
6:31 pm
why are you buying wine on state time, sir? sir this car right here, this is rented by caltrans. you're using it as your persona car. you take it home every day. >> no comment. >> reporter: you're going to leave your wine here? you have 12 bottles of wine sir, you just stopped at costco to get water. is this good use of taxpayer money, sir? with that, drove away empty- handed. mr. baker! you left your wine over here, sir. mr. baker! you left your 12 bottles of wine! we returned the wine to von's and an hour later we found his rented caltrans truck returned to the yard. he is in the car. and he wasn't the only one we saw using the rented truck for personal use. >> coming out. >> reporter: we watched this man shop at nordstrom's. this one goes shopping for food. and this one going to and from home in a shiny rented ford f-
6:32 pm
150 that you paid for. >> why are they renting trucks for people like to you take home to go to lunch and things like that? on taxpayer money? can you answer my question, sir? why don't you talk to me? we offered to show the video it caltrans and to the governor. they both declined. governor, can i talk to you for a minute, please? why won't you look at any of the tape we have on caltrans? >> wait a minute. why won't you show it to us? >> island show it to you right now. >> wait a minute. >> i'll show it to you right now. >> excuse me. >> you want to take my phone, governor? he did return my phone an accused us of with holding the video. >> sir, you have concealed the tape. >> i'll show it to you right now. >> reporter: then resorted to name coming. >> this guy is like a thug. >> excuse me to? why do you say that sir? but while the governor wouldn't look at the video -- >> we saw it over and over and over again in the same liquor store. >> reporter: this assembly member did. she heads the house transportation committee. >> i don't care who you work
6:33 pm
for. buying wine on the job is unacceptable. >> i'll get caltrans on the phone and then we can talk. >> reporter: and within hours after the governor made that promise -- >> this is in a von's. >> reporter: caltrans finally agreed to look at our video. it seemed to us that they were using them like their personal cars on t taxpayer dime. >> from what you have shown me on the video it appears that way but we won't know that in fact investigation is complete. >> reporter: the agency says that could take weeks. they say the practice of renting trucks on taxpayer money is now being audited. but so far, it's still going on. >> david goldstein reporting. now, in a statement, caltrans says it has an approved allocation of leased vehicles employees are allowed to take the vehicles home when it is in the best interests of the state including when it is more efficient and cost-effective for our personnel to commute directly to a job site from home. u.s. senator harry reid is
6:34 pm
bruised but okay after a car crash in las vegas. his caravan crashed in afternoon on interstate 15 parallel to the strip. the senate's top democrat went to the hospital with an injured hip and rib. he has been cleared for release. neighbors in one san mateo community are smoking mad about teenagers toking up in the local park. one is a block from a high school. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez explains police may be powerless to snuff out the teenagers' bad behavior. >> reporter: teenagers walking to and from school in san mateo with some of them allegedly due when they reach the small park has neighbors on arbor lane fuming. >> they will stop by in the park teenagers and they will have their morning marijuana. >> reporter: lisa tanner says the same thing happens in the afternoon. >> very blatant very obvious so, you know, i'm wondering why smoking is allowed in the park much less marijuana
6:35 pm
smoking. >> if somebody was standing there walking through smoking a marijuana cigarette that would upset me. >> reporter: sergeant tim sullivan says san mateo police occasionally get calls complaining about the smoking but can't confirm what some neighbors have reported that people smoking spot have flashed medicinal marijuana cards when questioned but does say it happens. >> it's not uncommon for somebody that we come across here to have possession of marijuana or have been smoking marijuana may have a card and therefore it is kind of hands off. >> reporter: we did not see anyone smoking in the park today. but when our camera arrived, several young people who had been sitting on a ben of together got up and walked a way. hillsdale high school is look into the issue but can't confirm that the smokers are hillsdale students. in a statement, a spokesman told us, quote, students cannot be in possession of drugs or alcohol or be under the influence from the time they leave for school to the time they return to their homes. neighbors say one way to solve the problem may to be get an all-out smoking ban in san mateo parks. they may have more success
6:36 pm
fighting this as a secondhand smoke issue rather than fighting it as a marijuana issue. in san mateo, len ramirez, cbs 5. bay area homes being built at a pace we haven't seen in years. the cities seeing the biggest boom. >> hurricane sandy on a collision course with our nation's east coast. what the storm looks like from space. and check this out. we have elizabeth cook and allen martin with me! checking out some of the best pumpkin patches in the east bay as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1. bay area, at a pace we hav't seen in years. new homes are being built in the bay area at a pace we haven't seen in years.
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>> one of the areas leading the way, livermore. cbs 5 reporter don ford with why things are expected to get better in the tri-valley area. >> reporter: construction in livermore is booming. new housing starts are way up from last year with five new housing developments under way. lane marceau says the construction climate has finally started to change. >> the market is definitely returning for us and, you know, we have been out here for a number of years but in the last 12 months it's been amazing to watch the kind of activity we have had. >> reporter: there are more than 500 homes here. of the 130 currently being built, 105 are already sold. lane marceau believes low interest rates an high rent is causing people to purchase. >> the net cost and having ownership is cheaper than
6:40 pm
renting. people are realizing that. >> reporter: james is a renter turned first-time buyer. >> if you can get into a home, under what you're paying for rent, why wouldn't you? >> reporter: one reason, folks who did a strategic default or walked away from their old mortgages now have a wrecked credit record and are forced to rent. >> a lot of them i kind of call it in the penalty box. >> reporter: nearby, one of california's largest outlet malls is about to open in two weeks bringing with it thousands of jobs. the assistant city manager says that's not all it brings. >> we're projecting, you know, multi-million dollars coming from the resulting that mall out there. >> reporter: troy brown cautions, however, that the city is being careful with its growth. in livermore, don ford, cbs 5. the east coast bracing or the impact of sandy. how the hurricane is affecting the presidential campaign. >> look at some of the computer
6:41 pm
models for that storm. it's a monster heading toward new york city, philadelphia and washington, d.c. for us it's the exact opposite. nothing but crystal clear skies outside. we'll find out if it's going to stick around for the weekend in your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> the world series shifts to motown. the one thing ryan vogelsong isn't worried about. we'll take you through the giants busy travel day. that's coming up in sports. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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news out of the caribbean: e number of dead from hurricae sandy, is now up to 40. this what the storm looks like fm developing news out of the caribbean. the number of dead from hurricane sandy up to 40. and this is what the storm looks like from space. theism imagine captured from the international space station. the hurricane will collide with two other weather systems forming a monster storm impacting several states on the east coast by halloween. they are calling it "frankenstorm." it also appears to be affecting the presidential election. mitt romney has canceled his rally scheduled for sunday in virginia beach. his decision coming after a virginia governor declared a
6:45 pm
stat of emergency. >> i think it's critically important to ask that people at a precautions now. this is unlike certainly any of the storms i have seen in a long time where you have a sustained duration of literally four to five days of rain and wind. >> as for the president, apparently he is going to take his chances. he hasn't rescheduled any events just yet. paul here in the bay area, much drier. but rain could be in our future too. >> rain is coming and it ties into halloween. the forecast isn't completely dry but friday night is dry and it was beautiful weather for the opening of ski season. let's go to boreal mountain resort because they open things up today at squaw valley opened up for one day yesterday, 15- dollar lift tickets and all those diehards out there enjoying it today. we had sunshine and three feet of snow earlier this week and more snow in the sierra in the forecast for the middle of next week. get up, dude. we had a lot of beautiful skiing conditions today. look at this great shot from
6:46 pm
san jose. crystal clear skies, gorgeous colors of the sunset. it's a fantastic friday night. and with mount diablo in the background we are looking at temperatures right now in the mid-60s from san jose, 64, san francisco 65. concord, livermore, 71. and santa rosa currently 72 degrees. the strongest radar in town is hi-def doppler. it's spinning right now and coming up dry literally and figuratively. overnight lows tonight not as chilly as this morning where concord was down to 43, napa down to 41. we'll be right around 50 degrees give or take for fremont, concord, livermore, fairfield, napa, santa rosa, some of the protected valleys close to the north bay and in the north bay may drop down to the upper 30s for a second straight night. where is the storm track? we had rain as recently as yesterday morning. it is now north of the california-oregon border up toward portland and eugene. not for us. high pressure is building in. as it builds in to our north we are going to get a northwest flow of air giving us beautiful weekend weather inland highs into the low 80s.
6:47 pm
next week changes not on monday and tuesday but halloween wednesday, wetter weather will move down as a big low pressure area in the gulf of alaska will dive down and impact our weather by wednesday of next week. this it may rain on halloween. mainly sunny skies, beautiful mild this weekend. i would call it warm inland. we'll say rain-free through tuesday but trending wetter. latest computer models suggest it will be soggy come halloween night. san jose tomorrow 75 degrees. your average high is 73 so back above normal. milpitas 74. san ramon 76. antioch 78. nothing but sunshine for san rafael 75. downtown san francisco 70. daly city 66 degrees tomorrow. couple of degrees milder on sunday mainly sunny skies. monday will stay warm, tuesday trending cooler and that rain moves in by halloween night on wednesday and the first day of november on thursday will likely be a soggy one with highs in the 60s.
6:48 pm
speaking of halloween it's all about the pumpkins and pumpkin patches tonight. roberta gonzales is live in walnut creek. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, paul. i have with me here this guy. hello, what's your name? come here often? hm. what's your favorite holiday? kind of the quiet type. this is one of my five pumpkin patches in the east bay shady lanes. i like it because -- we have been pumpkin patch hopping all day long from castro valley to dublin, pleasanton, fremont, a variety of pumpkins. but i like this patch because it's family oriented. we have pumpkin painting. there's actually a little theater for the kids to watch charlie brown's great big pumpkin movie and a petting zoo. it's a neighborhood pumpkin patch and we have families here. i have to introduce you to a couple of new friends.
6:49 pm
hi, what is your name? >> alayna. >> reporter: alayna. how old are you? >> 5. >> reporter: what do you like? >> i like to pet the wabbits. >> reporter: what else? >> uhm....... i like to pet the pigs, too. >> reporter: the pigs, like their stomachs to be rubbed, right? hi, what's your name? >> mahdi. >> reporter: how old are you? >> nine? >> on the what is your very favorite part about this pumpkin patch? >> i like picking of the pumpkins and doing the art projects. >> reporter: i was surprise offed that there is a great variety of pumpkins. i never knew the white ones taste good, the orange ones taste good. what did you learn? >> that the -- there are star pumpkins. >> reporter: this one right here. >> >> yeah. >> reporter: what did you learn about that? >> i don't know. >> reporter: that it's a weird shape, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: it kind of looks like a star? >> yeah. >> reporter: isn't that unique? >> yeah. >> reporter: so are you going to take this one home? >> hopefully. >> reporter: if dad says you can, right? so again we're at shady lanes
6:50 pm
pumpkin patch ygnacio valley road in walnut creek. i tried to count how many pumpkin patches that are cross the bay area. numerous, hundreds and hundreds. but this is one of my favorites here in the east bay because it's so family oriented. but if you want to find your own personal pumpkin patch visit us at back to you guys. i'm going to grab one for me and you. eyewitness news continues. we'll be right back. after this. ,,
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6:52 pm
6:53 pm
sanchez will will be the designated hitter for game e in detroit... no rest for the national lee cham ck at the as the giants prepare for the world series in detroit hector sanchez will be the designate hitter for game 3 in detroit. >> little pop-up... giants up two games to nothing. >> no rest for the national league champs. 12 hours later the giants were back at the ballpark and off to detroit. 2,000 miles later the team worked out at a balmy comerica park. temperatures are expected to be in the 40s for tomorrow's game 3. but ryan vogelsong says the weather won't be a factor. >> the world series, you know, you can't be worried about how cold it is. i threw a game in chicago last
6:54 pm
year where it was 34 degrees and it was raining and sleeting and i threw the ball pretty well that night. so i don't suspect the cold weather is going to be much of an issue. if i'm thinking about how cold it is, it means i'm not thinking about what i'm doing on the mound. >> they have things now. they have the hand warmers like people take deer hunting. we have heaters in the dugout for both teams obviously. ours is going to be a little warmer than theirs i think tomorrow night but that's all right. we are not going to tell them that. it's cold but i mean this is the world series. i mean, this is, you know, it's cold for everybody. it's cold for the fans. beer is cold. everything is cold. it's great. enjoy it. it was a less-than- enjoyable moment for doug fister in the second inning last night. the tigers starter got hit in the head by a comebacker. he stayed in the game giving up just one run i six innings.
6:55 pm
>> i talked to him on the plane. i had a nice conversation. i'm a little about it because this morning he didn't remember our conversation did no, just kidding. he will be checked out today. >> game three starters for san francisco: ryan voling song 2- 0 in the post-season with a 1.42 e.r.a. versus a familiar face anna balance sanchez 3-1 against the giants. while the giants are filling the void for some hockey fans hope for a 2012 season took another big hit today. >> seems like a stubborn group. school. >> they told me a lot of things they are trying though do, trying to find ways and it's one sided from what i'm hearing. >> a month later it seems like nothing has changed. today the nhl announced they have canceled all of their games for november resulting in an estimated $720 million in
6:56 pm
lost revenue. tiger woods in malaysia playing in the cimb classic where the purse is over $6 million. tiger shot a 67 and is 9-under tied for fifth place with kevin nah five strokes behind the leader through two rounds. [ non-english language ] ♪ [ music ]♪ hibbert is usually known fos all star play on the court.. this bbert took his talents to an indiana mall d caught customers by surprise with >> roy hibbard is usually known for his all-star play on the course but this week he took his talents to an indiana mall and caught customers by surprise with his flash mob south korean pop dance. >> that's so popular at giants games in the sixth ike all the fans are doing it. just really caught on. >> i saw you doing it. >> they were doing it. >> whenever i do it, it's for charity. >> pony up the money. >> i'll tell you.
6:57 pm
[ laughter ] >> he looked good, graceful. very impressed. >> he practiced. there's some video of him practicing to learn how to do it beforehand. [ laughter ] >> thanks, kim coyle. >> for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds."
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6:59 pm
joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: thank you, guys. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] thank you all for coming. thank you very much. thank you veryy much. appreciate you coming, everybody. hey, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. and like always, we got another good one for you today. rur


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